Flashlight Beam

Your Mind is a Flashlight


“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Marcus Aurelius

Imagine yourself in a dark room. The only thing you have is a flashlight. When you turn on the flashlight, it gives you a beam of light in whatever direction you point it. This flashlight illuminates the area of the room which it faces, giving you a clearer picture of what’s in front of you.

Your mind is no different. You can use it to search for something positive or something negative. Direct it towards the negative and you’ll get negative results, towards the positive and you’ll get positive results. Think of your mind as a flashlight that you can control and point always in the right direction.

Reality or Not?


What is reality? It varies from person to person. But isn’t reality, REAL? Not entirely. Some things are certainly real, like gravity, which doesn’t change from person to person, but in other areas of life thoughts of reality change between each individual. I might perceive something completely different to how you perceive it. Many of my family and friends think that my dropping out of college is a bad choice, because their reality is, “You must go to school to get a good job.” Simply, their reality of this situation is different to mine.

You build your own reality through how you think, and that is why I’m putting such an emphasis on mastering your thoughts and being aware. You will simply create a better and more enjoyable reality for yourself. You’ll also begin to realize how many people’s realities are bad because their thoughts reflect them. Change your reality to the reality that you want to have, not the reality your parents, friends or family have for you.

It’s YOUR reality for a reason.

Thank you,

UYP Team

*This is an excerpt from “Think. Grow. Live.” which can be purchased through Amazon (US / UK)