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Something Different


For previous episodes of The Speech Series we have concentrated on a single topic, usually taking five minutes or so to share our thoughts. This episode is going to be different. In this episode we will answer some of our readers’ questions that have been sent to us over the last few weeks/months. In this episode we answer four questions in total, spanning 27 minutes of audio. If you are interested in a particular question you can scroll down to the notes below to find the location of that question in the speech.

Our readers’ questions are important to us. Not only do they give us the chance to share our experiences and knowledge, they also give us an opportunity to reflect on our values, routines and habits. If you have a question or questions, feel free to Contact Us. Your question may not be featured in an episode like the ones below, however we will answer any questions we receive.

Please enjoy this episode.

Show Notes – Readers’ Questions


Question #1 – How can I start 2017 on the right foot? 1:48

Question #2 – What is the best productivity app that we have found? 6:00

Question #3 – What are the 3 best daily routines to follow? 11:00

Question #4 – What are 3 books to read in 2017? 22:30

Recommended Reading


  1. The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday
  2. The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin
  3. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia – Mohsin Hamid



  • Meditation Practice – 4:15
  • HeadSpace – Meditation App
  • FEELING SHIT . . . Gaining perspective and understanding that bad times don’t last – 10:10
  • Routines that can be applied across the board – 11:10
  • Tim Ferriss Gratitude Training ( – 12:00
  • Why journaling is important and what it allows you to do – 12:33
  • Building your personal roadmap – 13:00
  • Living in a reactive state – 14:40
  • Epictetus quote on Journaling – 14:56
  • How to have a more successful life – 15:30
  • A lot of people associate being in shape with vanity – 16:05
  • The onslaught of Instagram models – 16:20
  • A good system followed is better than the perfect system that is not followed – (You don’t need all the answers at the start) – 17:55
  • My admittedly below average writing – 18:25
  • You can only make decisions based on what you know and you must learn to make the best of your current knowledge and learn along the way. – 18:42
  • A formula one race car metaphor – 19:30
  • JUST BEGIN – 20:10
  • My last dramatic sip of green tea – 20:50
  • MUIJI Japanese Notebook – 21:50