Mind as a snow globe

The Mind as a Snow Globe


“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place”

Lao Tzu

This piece is a conceptual metaphor taken from ‘Think. Grow. Live.’

Imagine your mind as a snow globe. All day every day, you are shaking the snow globe with the hope that the snow suddenly settles to the bottom. But it doesn’t and you wonder why. Set the snow globe down however and suddenly, the snow settles and the picture in the middle of the snow globe becomes clear. Your mind works in the exact same way. Unless you try to calm your mind, you will always have the snow globe effect going on. In the same way that the snow globe needs time to settle, so does your mind. You need to give your mind the correct nourishment to allow it to be calm and still and also to allow that picture to become clearer. Give your snow globe the chance to settle and reveal the beautiful picture in the middle.

Thank you,

UYP Team