Enjoy Life – It’s All We Have

Gratitude, Perspective

What is Life? Life is a struggle, it’s confusing, stressful and difficult, however, it’s all we have.


We confuse mastery with perfection.

We confuse lust with love.

We confuse friends with acquaintances.

We confuse happiness with pleasure.

We confuse technique with skill.

We confuse the finite with the infinite.

We confuse health with illness.

We confuse results with process.


We forget to trust ourselves.

We forget to believe in who we are.

We forget time and chase money.


We search elsewhere for answers.

We search outside for keys.

We try to imitate.

We try to be someone else.


We must look inside.

We must dig deep.

We must not second guess ourselves.

We must strive to understand ourselves.

We must be content but hungry for more.

We must remain present.


We must enjoy the journey for when the time comes and the curtains begin to close, we’ll realise that life wasn’t about the perfect house, the perfect technique or the big bank account but rather the state of our mind on a daily basis. When the curtains draw to a close, life is essentially about the memories, the knowledge and the wisdom we have acquired. Life is less about achievement and more about appreciation. Enjoy this moment.