Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself – What Does it Mean?


How often have you read an article or listened to a podcast that covers the topic of finding yourself? What does it really mean? Do silent meditation retreats really hold the key to discovering who you are? There are few real constants in our lives, however, you are always a constant in your own life. Without you, your life doesn’t exist. Every moment you spend (both good and bad), you are yourself. If you are always yourself, why is the idea of “finding yourself” so prevalent?

In my eyes, finding yourself is a bit of a misnomer. Although you may not be living the life you want to live, finding yourself will not give you the life you seek. Your life is a combination of circumstance and the choices you have made. If you have made some bad choices in life, do you really want to find yourself when it was you who made those choices? Rather than trying to find yourself, why not try to improve yourself?

Pause for a second…


Life isn’t about finding yourself. If it was, we would be purposeless for much of our lives. Consider the idea that “I’m trying to find myself” and think about it from an uninvolved mindset. Does it make sense to “try and find oneself”? Perhaps what you’re trying to do is to continually learn and improve on a never-ending product. That product is you. Perhaps you are unhappy with current circumstances or events, which is fine, but also remember that finding yourself is much less about searching and much more about doing. You know the right thing to do, you know the first step to take and you know what’s good and bad for you. Don’t wait for someone else’s approval. Find yourself by being the self you wish to be.